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Evidence Based Macro Practice
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Evidence Based Macro Practice in Social Work (2014) deals with the latest trends in Macro Practice, critically challenging readers to delve into the scientific aspects of community organization, planning and management. Numerous case studies taken from actual experiences highlight all the chapters. In addition, wherever possible, we provide practical tools, techniques and evidence-based macro practices that students will be able to use in their professional work. Using Macro Systems as the basis for exploring ideas, students should gain an appreciation of the complex forces under which they will be operating, acquire specific tools to help them function better, and develop insights about the interactions between staff and agencies and the larger systems that affect the social work field.

Brief summaries are provided at the end of each chapter to stimulate class discussion, and we provide a list of questions and possible assignments at the end of each chapter. Depending on the preference of the instructor, students may use the questions as a spring- board for classroom discussion or as a basis for written assignments.

Although concepts and techniques in various chapters relate to both social agencies and community organizations (hence, the generalist perspective), specific attention is given on evidence-based macro practices, diversity, client advocacy, skills in running meetings, handling community conflict, and finally managing time and stress.

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