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People & Politics:
An Introduction to American Government

People & Politics Study Guide:
An Introduction to American Government
First published in 1988, People and Politics has been well received by readers, students, and teachers. Written in an easy to read style, it provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the structure of our government, as well as how politics actually work in America. The authors have gone to extraordinary lengths to provide the text with examples that are to the point and clearly understandable. Additionally, numerous professionals with individualized expertise from across the country have been utilized to assist in keeping this text relevant and timely.

Illustrations, charts, graphs, and examples are utilized in an instructive and concise manner to provide students with a clear understanding of concepts and theory. Humor is utilized throughout the text in an engaging and clarifying way. People and Politics is an excellent introductory text for majors and non-majors alike. Likewise, it serves as a resource for anyone interested in learning more about government in America.

An easy to follow workbook is available for student use as well as a complete test bank for teachers.

Political Perspectives: A Reader
Second Edition

Political Perspectives: A Reader also enhances the People and Politics text with selections, including primary source documents, up-to-date articles, and fictionalized case studies about current "hot" topics. We think that you will find them intriguing. Finally to lighten up the mood, we have some crossword puzzles to test your skills.

Issues: Exercises in Political & Social Decision Making

A collection of fictionalized cases written in an open-ended short story format. Each story presents the reader/student with a timely and thought-provoking dilemma to resolve. The compelling subject matter of each case captivates the interest of students and forces them to speak out and participate in the learning process.

Freed from the drudgery of presenting endless lectures, teachers find that they can interact with students on a higher, more meaningful level of the learning process. Additionally, students not only absorb material in a framework more easily remembered, they also enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills.

At the end of each case, a series of ten "forced choice" statements are presented to stimulate discussion. These statements make excellent group exercises for students to work on in class. Each case concludes with one or two final questions in which students are given the opportunity to write their analysis from the position of the main character.

Issues can be used in a wide variety of Social and Behavioral Science courses. It covers a wide range of topics: e.g., abortion, death and dying, drunk drivers, espionage, poverty, civil liberties, war.

Issues is a wonderful learning experience. Typically students share the material with family and friends. It is not unusual for students to bring friends to class to participate in discussions. Issues can make your classroom an exciting and timely learning environment. Your students will love it and so will you.

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